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R-tistic Designs produces one-of-kind fabric art, handmade from imported textiles such as Kuba cloth, silk, lamb's wool, Mud cloth, suede and leather. Each piece is an original designed by Sharon Grier and constructed using the highest quality standards.

Patterns and colors of our products will always vary, due to the availability of these one-of-kind fabrics. Click here to read more about our most popular fabrics and fibers.

Kuba Cloth is handmade with rich textures of vintage hand-woven raffia cloth from the Kuba people of the Congo. Flat-weave cloth is woven of fibers from the raffia-palm leaves. Left in its natural color or dyed with organic red, brown and ochre dyes, it is sewn into applique and reverse-applique, and traditionally used in long wrap-around dancing skirts. Geometric patterns are formed by outlining areas of pile of different colors with flat-weave emroidery.

Mud Cloth is a long established tradition among the Bamana people who inhabit a large area to the east and north of Bamako in Mali. Each piece is made of 100% cotton, and is completely hand-made. First, cotton thread is woven into panels, usually on a hand-held loom. Each panel is sewn together and, using a centuries old process, numerous applications of various plant juices/teas and mud are applied to dye the cloth, left to dry and then often dipped again. The process may take several weeks from start to finish.

Wool - Worsted yarn uses the best fleece from the back of the sheep. It is the longest, strongest and richest in lanolin. The fibers are combed to lie flat and spun in two plys, creating a "3 diameter run" piece of yarn. It appears neater and "tighter" on a spool than woolen yarn.

Silk production is a lengthy process and demands constant close attention. After eight or nine days in a warm, dry place cocoons are steamed or baked, and dipped into hot water to loosen the tightly woven filaments. These filaments are unwound onto a spool. Between five and eight of these super-fine filaments are twisted together to make one thread. Finally the silk threads are woven into cloth or used for embroidery work.

Leather and Suede - Suede is leather with a soft napped surface giving it a texture and a softer feel. Leather is made by drying and tanning hides, pelts and skins of animals, primarily cows. However, leather is also made from alligator, deer, snake, alligators, ostriches, goat and sheep, and comes in many grades, thickness and textures. Vegetable-tanned leather is tanned using ingredients found in vegetable matter, tree bark, and other such sources. Other varieties are tanned using aluminum salts mixed with a variety of binders and protein sources, such as flour, egg yolk, etc. Various processes are used to create special textures such as embossed and patent leather.

Mud Cloth


Kuba cloth

Lamb's wool


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